Speedy and Client oriented

Stewardship in Accounting, Tax and Company management

Kojima Tax & Accounting Office - Basic Services

Company Clients

・Please instruct what needs to be done just after the establishment.

・Please provide the super express service for account closing and tax declaration since the time is running out.

・Not only for the completion of the tax declaration form, all-round management consulting is requested.

・The business plan preparation support is needed for the financing from banks.

・We ask for a favorable Tax Accountant to make inquiries casually.

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Individual Clients

・Tax declaration service is needed.

・Please give us tax-advisories in purchasing and selling the land, building and golf membership.

・Please provide us tax-advisories after purchasing our own house.

・I would like to the life planning for the future be prepareded.

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Inheritance & Donation

・I would like to know how much the tax amount would be once there occurs the inheritance.

・Please tell me what needs to be prepared before the inheritance in future.

・Is there any total packaged services covering from legacy division to declaration for inheritance tax?

・I would like to proceed the business succession smoothly.

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Business Abroad

・We have the intention to venture abroad but know rarely about what to be done firstly.

・Please provide short-term review for our abroad subsidiaries with reasonable cost.

・Please instruct us about cross boarder tax issues regarding transactions between the parent company and subsidiaries.

・Smooth business close of abroad is our request.

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