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Clients request for consulting in Inheritance and Donation

Consulting for Business Succession

Business Succession has two aspects; management succession and fortune succession.
We provide not only the Donation Tax strategy but also all-round consulting for comprehensive business succession eyeing the possibility of future M&A.

Tax Simulation for Inheritance Tax, Donation Tax

For your case of inheritance, we simulate the tax amount and how to minimize the payment amount. The practical tax saving procedures is to be provided.

Declaration for Inheritance Tax

The grief could not be fully sympathized since the lost of dearest is such mournful experience.
We respect the meeting and hearing from the bereaved family.
We make our best effort to provide quality services with reasonable price as much as we could. Countermeasure for tax investigation is also to be prepared.

Proactive Living Donation Procedure

To make the strategic tax planning before the actual inheritance is indispensable for the smooth fortune succession for next generation.
The tax planning is prepared based on the three viewpoints; tax saving, assurance of tax payment amount and inheritance strategy.
We introduce and suggest simple procedures of gifting monthly with fixed amount to inheritor, and also, complicated measures with establishment of asset holding company.

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