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For Clients of Corporate and Company

We have reliable partnerships in expertise areas in response to the projects in order to solve your company’s problems early and efficiently.

Company Setup

Not only the company registration and notification to the tax agency, but also there are things better to be done at the start-up. All of them are totally advised from us.

Upgrading company rules

To realize stable company management, upgrading company rules are indispensable.
For tax investigation countermeasure or labor compliance, your Company Rule, Accounting Rule, Company Welfare Rule, Business Trip and Overseas Assignment Rule are to be examined in preferential order.

Journal Entries and Preparation of Account Ledgers

In accordance with your requests, the journal entries and preparation of account ledgers are at your service.

Support for the earlier completion of monthly and annual accounting closure

Not only the preparation of monthly and annual accounting closure, but also how you could make it earlier is to be advised.
Please be assured our tax accountant will visit your office every month in principle.

Preparation support for English and Chinese Financial Statements

The translation from Japanese financial statements to English and Chinese ones and vice versa are at your service.

Accounting procedure improvement and restructuring

In order to prepare the necessary financial statements mandate for company management, the whole work flow will be checked and reviewed.
It is to realize more efficient work flow for earlier monthly and annual closing.

Tax Consulting, Preparation of Tax Declaration Form

We respond to your inquiries and concerns about tax 365 days.
The Tax Declaration is always at your service.

Preparation of Annual Adjustment ・Designated Withholding Notification

Other than above, the Withholding Tax Slip and Salary Payment Report is completed and notified to government agencies.

Introduction of Management Accounting System

We support for the preparation of documents such as Departmental Profit and Loss Management and Budget Management, which the corporate manager needs seriously.

Management Consulting ・Management Analysis

Examining the past performance and future plan, we analyze your company’s management and clarify what to be done immediately.

Consulting for financing including banks, Business Plan Preparation

Preparation for Bank Loans Payable, Reschedule, Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursement, Business Plan, Repayment Plan and negotiation support for financial institutions are to be provided when in need.

Reorganization; Merger and Company division

The re-organization scheme and the support for its implementation are to be provided. In addition, the Valuation of group companies and Due Diligence are to be conducted.

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