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Clients request for advisories in venturing abroad

Pre-venturing research, advices, alternate company establishment

By consultation before venturing abroad, precaution is to be provided.
After the decision to setup in abroad, the necessary procedures for company registrations are provided as our service lineup.

Preparation for Business Plan

In venturing abroad, pre-estimation of business feasibility is indispensable.
We support the business plan preparation from company setup to their closure.

Due Diligence (Short-term review)

Overseas subsidiaries are full of problems to be solved in finance, labor issues and so on.
We conduct the short-term inspection in your company’s subsidiaries to make clear what to be improved and concrete measures to realize it.

Accounting, Legal, Labor Law Consulting

In line with your company’s request, we provide various solutions from the viewpoint of Tax, Law, Labor Issue.
Our expert partners who are familiar with the local situation provide strong backup of expertise.

Report preparation for Japanese parent companies

Generally, the most concern for the Japanese parent company is they could not grasp what’s going on in the overseas subsidiaries clearly.
Let us support in constructing better business workflow in subsidiaries and accurate reporting system to the parent company.

Cross border Taxation

Since the taxation system had been more globalized, it becomes more important to correspond to the international taxation system. We could minimize the tax - risk to be interviewed.
Also, our advantages of lots of experiences and knowledge in the front-line of international taxation system. Your risk in tax aspect would be minimized.

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